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Delicatessen (1991)

Centered on a post-apocalyptic society where food is scarce and used as currency. In an apartment building with a delicatessen on the ground floor. The owner of the eatery also owns the apartment building and is in need of a new maintenance man since the prior one “mysteriously” disappeared. A former clown applies for the job and the butcher’s intent is to have him work for as little as possible. The clown and butcher’s daughter fall in love and she tries to foil her father’s plans by contacting the “troglodytes”, a grain eating sub-group of society who live entirely underground. ??anonymousAwards: 15 wins & 16 nominations totalBudget: FRF 24,000,000 (estimated)Worldwide Gross: $1,794,187Soundtrack: Entry of the Gladiators (Written by Julius Fucík)Marc Caro, Jean-Pierre JeunetMarie-Laure Dougnac, Dominique Pinon, Pascal Benezech1992-04-03 (France)tt0101700

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Genre: Comedy

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