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Beyond the Reach (2014)

Madec, an unscrupulous international entrepreneur, hires the skilled young tracker, Ben, to guide him through the barren Mojave Desert during a hunting trip. Unfortunately, things will take a turn for the unexpected, when prideful Madec shoots the wrong target unintentionally, and in a cynical attempt to wash his hands of the irrevocable deed, tries to bribe himself out of this predicament by offering Ben a hefty compensation in exchange for his silence. Now, it’s Ben’s turn to run for his life under the fierce and merciless sun. However, even though the unforgiving desert is limitless, on the other hand, so is the prey’s desire to survive. Who shall live and who shall die in this deadly cat-and-mouse game? ??Nick RiganasWorldwide Gross: $1,100,432Soundtrack: Man of Constant Sorrow (Arranged by GH Bluegrass Pickers)Jean-Baptiste LéonettiMichael Douglas, Jeremy Irvine, Martin Palmer2015-04-17 (United States)tt2911668

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Genre: Thriller

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